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About the project

This outfit was inspired by the theology of the artist duo, FriendsWithYou. Their art focuses on creating joy by creating a space of play for adults through iconography. For this piece, I also wanted to pay homage to the retro-futuristic costumes of the original Lost in Space, which I religiously watched with my father. The outfit is intended for play and adventure without jeopardizing the complexity of the garment. The color blocking of the front and back of the tunic depicts the sun rising over a valley with daisies blooming on each side. 




About the project

Sunset on Lake Michigan is an abstraction of the classic sunsets on Lake Michigan: stratus clouds tinted hues orange, red, and purple with clear waves splashing up against the shoreline. To recreate this scene, I used pleating to emulate the synchronicity of the waves and fur to imitate fluffy clouds and the crashing waves on the shore. I drafted a jacket emblematic of bomber jackets so that these beautiful sunsets are seen in the winter when the sun sets at four, and the wind is too cold to even think of visiting the lake. In this way, wearing the jacket can keep you warm and remind you of the wonderful sunsets to come.


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