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About the project

Yeeeee Haaaaa!!! Attempts to resemble the past to create a future narrative by meshing silhouettes and garments of the 1890s with popping colors and futuristic patterns. To create a late Victorian silhouette, I appropriated the faux skirt biking shorts that women would wear for modesty. To push the pants into the future, I drafted a pattern and a custom pleating board to create voluminous pleats running across the pant leg. Finally, I pin-tucked each pleat to dine each of the folds. In addition to the pants, I replicated a riding corset popular in the 1890s, and I used a bright red zipper instead of a busk to pull it into the future. I used multiple techniques to create texture on the fabric’s surface.  First, I overdyed 5 yards of bull denim with teal and aquamarine MX dye. After cutting my pattern, I used an engineered screenprint and a repeating printing stencil inspired by neon lights. This was so the design would seamlessly flow from color to color.



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